Walk the line and create circles? We take you to the Blue Ocean.

Creating circles instead of walking in a circle.

Cycles are principles of nature that also unfold impactfully in other spheres. This is rooted in constant renewal: Everything is needed or converted. Nothing becomes redundant.
This principle does not just have a planetary dimension, it increasingly paves new ways for onsite management and production. Here, we integrate ourselves creatively and with a vast reach. 
In marketing, everything is supposed to run smoothly. Our products a cycle capable. We get involved and help you achieve your objectives. 

Innovation is Rarely a Solo Act
Marketing is contingent upon vast know-how and diligent craftsmanship. We tailor it to every client. The examples will show you how we work and that you can depend on our experience.


The Presentation Determines the Perception


The Sweet Side of Life

… Make an Impact in the Here and Now…

We want to dive into Blue Oceans with you and conquer new galaxies. The fabric that makes up the markets has changed in the 21st century. There’s neither a beginning nor an end in the circular economy. The focus is on the conservation of resources and innovation. We are in the heart of it all with our marketing. Our work has already drawn vast circles. CP9 provides competent support on every level – from the individual product to all-inclusive services. 

…Moving in Circles Also Beyond the Globe…

CP9 is like a spaceship that has been traveling the different solar systems for many years. It has collected a wealth of experience, bundled it and now makes it available.  
On board: A flexible and agile team of creative designers, consultants and doers who will be happy to answer your questions. 

Our team is comprised of a large number of different personalities and competences. This is why we have the capability to manoeuvre through a variety of problems and find new solutions

Aaron Thomas Forkan

technical assistant


Achilles Greminger

graphic designer


Astrid Camenisch



Bruno Krebs

project manager


Christian Buchli

chief financial officer
member of the board


Gilbert Neukom

art director
member of the board


Laura Almengot

digital assistant


Marlon Manser

client service director
member of the board


Ramona Birlin

junior consultant


Sabine Pechota

office manager


Sarah Grgić-Spörri

digital media developer


Stephan Dubi

creative director
member of the board


Tommy Ritter




Finding the Circle’s Square

Surprise, compel, outperform. Good advertising generates vast circles and is recognized. CP9 uses all kinds of advertising – printed, mailed, online or offline – in such a manner that your target audience is definitely reached. We find and invent a compelling solution for every problem.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Individuality and identity. CP9 gets to the heart of the matter when it comes to your corporate identity. We produce the unmistakable presentation and corporate design (CD) for your corporate identity (CI) through compelling image worlds. We also develop the corporate communication (CC) and corporate behavior (CB), which also reaches far away galaxies for you.

Circle, Capture and Network

Attention. It takes the perfect idea, a networked concept and the proper tone for your message to reach open eyes and ears. We will help you attract new target groups and maintain existing customer relationships.

Digital normal

Digital has long become standard: Internet applications, on screen advertising and social media open up opportunities we never imagined before. Digital enterprise and promotional presentations evolve into business cards. CP9 will be pleased to design for you in a way that significantly distinguishes you from the masses online.

Memorable experience

Tradeshow presence, product presentation, anniversary celebration. We ensure that your event triggers special emotions, that customers remember your product and your company is presented in the best possible light. We create a distinctive experience world for your event.
Public Relations

Expression of significance

Only those who communicate compellingly and transparently will be considered credible and professional. Through public relations (PR) we build trust into your brand, solidify your image and position your company as an opinion leader. From press releases to press conferences: CP9 supports you with intelligent PR strategies and concepts.

From Dot to Circle to Globe

A product with inherent passion deserves the proper packaging and presentation: 3D-packaging designs and tradeshow presentations by CP9 will help your products break through. Our unconventional marketing ideas appeal to the eye and the emotions and unfetter you company philosophy to speak for you.
Location Development

Giving effect to locations

Residents and their activities make locations come alive. Hence, they have spirit – an inimitable atmosphere. Catching the spirit of place can mean a lot of things: from the modification of an existing image to the creation of a completely new identity. Our Location Development converts common locations into extraordinary brands.

Join us.