Sparkling Crystals, Bright Eyes

Whenever the Zurich Christmas Market opens at the Main Station, we have gone through intense preparations and are getting ready to provide attentive support. One of Europe’s largest indoor Christmas markets is being presented for the 27th time in 2020. CP9 creates the concept, masters the overall organization, designs the experience world and optimizes tirelessly. Successfully, as evident from the story. 

Mood Master

CP9 is in charge of the whole atmosphere on location. Everything from the market landscape, decorations to signal technology, information or production to the coordination of the Christmas lightshow. We consider it the very best compliment if guests feel great and a festive mood is created.

Merry Message

The good news are announced through many channels. The Zurich Christmas Market also blogs and posts. Or reaches people in its simple printed magazine format. In terms of targeted information or multimedia communications, CP9’s experts are definitely in their element. 

Beautifying Sales

More than 140 booth operators present their wares in three different market buildings. An imposing, richly adorned Christmas tree stands tall and overlooks the marketplace. Happy people are enjoying scrumptious specialty cheeses on the beckoning patio while drinking in the magnificent views of the Christmas Market. CP9 is also responsible for the concept, design and organization.