Pearls at Münsterhof

Successfully completed and also launched – the St. Jakob Beck & Kafi at Münsterhof 7, now the sixth branch in Zurich. The prehistory is long and characterised by the extensive fortunes of CP9 and the patience of the St. Jakob Foundation. How Chäs Vreneli was transformed into a friendly Old Town café in just over six months is a fine example of consistently implemented expertise.

The stylish façade, furnishings and fittings are the result of applied creativity, the close supervision of the conversion required overview and perseverance, and the integration benefited from urban networking. The effort in all disciplines has paid off in full for CP9: the new bakery with café looks as planned – as if it had always been at home at Münsterhof. The neighbours and strollers are delighted, much to the delight of the host, the St. Jakob Foundation.