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Fun in a Complete Package

The Züri-Wiesn is a celebration that takes place right in the middle of the Main Station since 2007. CP9 takes its job of making sure that guests have plenty of fun very seriously. After all, the festival would not be the carefree event it is if it was not carefully developed, planned and supervised. The liberal design of the decorations, signal technology and advertising provides the perfect launch pad. Another CP9 creation. 

Blue and White Weeks

Wiesn hits make people move and bring the heat, the benches are shaking and everyone sings along in unison. By the time all this happens, CP9 has already closed the contracts and obtained the permits. Musical ears and party time fun would be out of place when it comes to organization. CP9 is resolute and concise – but also flexible and virtuous. These characteristics are indispensable when it comes to making sure the party community in the tent has lots of fun. 

Focus on the Goal

A humorous bonus publication and the same kind of information in all formats and media. CP9’s communication simultaneously delivers fun and content. The harmonious combination is a hit with the target audience. We do that certain thing and don’t forego the other. With passion if it takes us straight to the goal. 

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